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PT Metro Garmin, a renowned garment manufacturing company with a proven track record spanning over 40 years.

The remarkable journey of PT Metro Garmin since its establishment on January 10, 1980, and its subsequent inauguration by the Minister of Manpower (SUDOMO) and the Minister of Industry (HARTARTO) in 1987, speak volumes about its dedication to excellence and innovation.

PT Metro Garmin's distinguished reputation as one of the leading producers of high-quality men's dress shirts. We are committed towards offering the finest products, exceptional services, design flexibility, and most importantly ensuring timely deliveries to all over the world







Company Profile

Bank Reference
PT. Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk. Bandung
Citibank Bandung Branch

Team Management

DR. Soegianto, BSc, SH, MBA - President Director (soegianto@metrogarmin.com)
Hendra Gunawan - General Manager (hendra@metrogarmin.com)
Christin Gunawan - Deputy Vice Manager (christin@metrogarmin.com)
Feliciana Juanita - Sales Manager (nita.metro@metrogarmin.com)
Irene Damayanti - Sales Manager (irene@metrogarmin.com)
Novi - Ass.Sales Manager (novi@metrogarmin.com)
Betty Djulianti - Purchasing Manager (betty@metrogarmin.com)

Total Area

Land : 66.000 sqm
Building : 47.000 sqm
No. of Plants : 4 (FOUR)
No. of Workers : 2.500 person
No. of Machine : 1.200
No. of Production Line : 18
No. of Machines / Line : 50 - 120

Type of Products

Men's Wear & Ladies Wear (export oriented)
Production Capacity : 500.000 pieces per month
Production Lead Time : 30 - 45 days
Minimum QTY : 3.600 pieces / style (300 dozen per-style)


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